South Humber

The 100th

Barton on Humber to Cleethorpes

Date:21st January 2023
Distance31 Miles
LighthousesKillingholme Low North, Killingholme Low South, Killingholme High.
RidersSteve, Ollie, Kate, Rob, Lindsey, Sam, Rachel, Tim, Jane & Me

With 97 lighthouses visited the South Humber ride would get us to 100! It wasn’t looking like the most interesting trip but being a milestone we had plenty of interest! Jane and I got up early headed through freezing fog to Cleethorpes. Dumping the car on the seafront we boarded the train to Barton on Humber to meet the rest riders as well as Sams frozen beard. The first section was on the waterfront pedalling on frozen ground with the bridge and old river infrastructure appearing from the mist. We elected for a bit of smooth tarmac before rejoining the humber further down. Approaching the river via little rise to then see the whole waterfront of Hull and beyond open up before us. The water was still, the air sharp, the view breathtaking. This ride was going way better than we expected!!!!

We followed the south bank on a concrete flood defence along to  Immingham, ships, docks, piers and industry silhouetted against a cold blue day. To get the other side of the transporter terminal we had to sound an alarm which resulted in a security guard walking us across the forecourt and onwards towards the three crumbling lighthouses. A photo of the 100th taken we headed away from the coast to clear the chemical works rejoining at Grimsby and through to Cleethorpes for fish and chips on the pier.

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