The Wash

Conwy Estuary

Fosdyke to Kings Lynn

Date:15th January 2023
Distance36 Miles
LighthousesGuys Head & Sir Peter Scott
RidersJane & Me

Dropping Martha and her room contents back to uni meant that we had an opportunity to grab a sunday ride on the way home. A ride that would fill in a bit of our coastline jigsaw. We drove up to Kings Lynn parked up and waited for our taxi. Arriving late he apologised for being diverted by a secondhand toaster, it was too much of a bargain to miss.  Bikes in the boot and off up the A17 To Fosdyke. The marjority of the morning was up on the land reclamation levee, one side marsh land, perfect habitat away from humans and to the other, a mono culture driven by farming. It was a pleasant enough pedal lifted by the occasional barn owl sighting and flocks of waders. 

We arrived at the first lighthouse parked the bike up and took the photo. Little did we know that two weeks later we would bump into the owner in Switzerland! The lighthouse is one of two that mark the entrance the the River Nene. When the tides were high the river channel would be consumed by the sea, the 2 beacons would mark the entrance. Although the next lighthouse was only 100meters away it was an 4 mile ride down the river,  lunch outside the coop (the local ‘restaurant’ was basically a scary pub that didn’t serve food), over the bridge and back 4 miles up the other side.

The second lighthouse was the home of sir peter Scott (Son of captain Scott) an environmentalist that inspired the World Wildlife Fund.

The afternoon was much the same as the morning, but with a strong finish, arriving back into Kings Lynn in the evening sunshine.

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