The Welsh Riviera

Conwy Estuary

Shotton to Llandudno Junction

Date:10th September 2022
Distance53 Miles
LighthousesTalacre & The Great Orme
RidersJane, Steve & Me

So. We are cycling all the coastline of mainland Britain but not necessarily in the same order, or for that matter in the same direction. The North Wales coast is a dead cert to do in west to east as the wind will be your friend.

We arrived at Shotton on a blue sky super still September morning so elected to go against the grain. Out along the River Dee past Flint castle. The road options aren’t great so we snook out along the coast on mix of bridleways and footpaths. The estuary was at its best, blue skied, full to the brim and gilded with fields of oystercatchers. All was well apart from lifting the bikes over gates and fences.

After a hairy section on the dual carriageway we headed north to past the gas terminal, nature reserve and sand dunes on the way up to the Point of Ayr and Talacre Lighthouse.

Point of Ayr marks the change from the industrial estuary to the Irish Sea and tourism. Its a world of golf courses, caravan parks and Amusement parks. But, partly due to stunning weather, it is a lovely ride. From Prestatyn to Colwyn Bay we ride on the promenade with the sea by our sideband far reaching views towards our destination.

The first climb of the day takes us up and down into Llandudno. The place was jammed, we weaved our way along the sea front, past the pier then started our second climb around the limestone headland of The Great Orme. It is spectacular.

The lighthouse is a bed and breakfast. I knocked on the door and was kindly taken around to the garden to get my photograph. The drunk residents were very curious about our mission!

Back on our bikes around the headland and a stunning descent towards Conwy all was going well until our wheels sunk into the deep sand that had overcome our bridleway on the way to our train back to Llandudno Junction.

River Dee

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