Solway North


Carlisle to Dumfries

Date:19th March 2022
Distance49 Miles
RidersJane & Me

Carlisle is a friendly place.

Lots of people doing that eye contact thing, wishing us a good morning, a group of kids waved us on our way sat on their garden wall and a man fixing his garden gate lent us his oil to lubricate Janes squeaky running gear!

It was a very lovely send off enhanced by the best ingredient…..sunshine. Everyone raises their game when the sun shines.

We crossed the Solway Sward over the Eden and Esk, through Gretna and away.

Progress was quick (a relative term) due to a steady easterly. Lunch was taken at the Devils Porridge Museum – the site of a former 2nd world war, 7 mile long, munitions factory. Heck. Its bumping into stuff like this that makes these little expeditions so interesting.

Through Annan and its port on the river of the same name and on to Powfoot, a beautiful coastal village, a place that is clearly treasured by its residents.

20mph was easy along Moss Road – smooth tarmac and a tailwind….it was like we were proper cyclists!

Next was the amazing triangular Caerlaverock Castle and a sneaky, not entirely legal, pedal through its woods. Back on tarmac and up the Nith Estuary into Dumfries a cracking town that’s rethinking its decimated Highstreet replacing shops with good quality housing driven by the community called the Midsteeple People.

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