South Gare

Fishing Huts, South Gare

Saltburn to Middlesborough

Date:31st October 2021
Distance49 Miles
LighthousesSouth Gare
RidersRob, Paul, Anna, Jane & Me

Guisborough Forest looks like a right place to go for a ride. We will return. Our ride took us away from the trails and out to Saltburn via beautiful leafy victorian housing and steep switchbacks down to the coast. 
The sea was big and the surfers were out in force. Pan flat peddling up to Redcar with the waves by our side we stopped at a swanky van for a coffee and one (or 2) of Annas balls whilst watching the white horses.
Annas balls are AMAZING.
It was beginning to get a whole lot more post industrial. South Gare Lighthouse sits at the mouth of the Tees. Cycling past the dead carcus of a steelworks, old shacks, creeks and fishermans huts that looked like a South Georgia whaling station. Just as well we had ’Shack’ with us.
Lighthouse snapped, we turned around to head up the river. Trunk roads, broken glass and empty landscapes abound. Big public art hoping to help change the fortunes of a neglected community. Theres a shed load of ‘levelling up’ to do up here.
Onto the waterfront to Stockton before we head south via Ormesby Hall. There was a comment about it being a ’typical’ lighthouse ride as we drifted a little of piste. Lots of lifting over many stiles before hitting the cycle track back to the cars.

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