Bridlington Bay

Hull to Bempton

Date:11th sept 2021
Distance49 Miles
LighthousesChalk Tower, Flamborough Head
RidersJane & Me

Hull station was full of people in their finery. We were heading out, everyone else heading off to the Doncaster races. Sam fixed his puncture on the disused railway line to Heddon by stabbing his tyre with a thick needle! Tubeless tyres are a mystery to me. It all feels a bit dutch in these parts, wind turbines, flat fields and straight roads. We managed an average of 17mph (wind assisted) before fish and chips at Hornsea impeded our progress for the rest of the day. This is a place where roads disappear off cliff tops such is the erosion… makes you wonder about the places long gone. Bridlington was reached after a pedal across the sands, not the best thing for bicycles but it was a better option than the busy trunk road. The trickiest part was cycling through the crowds at the kite festival. Lots of people focussed on the sky, not so much on cyclists. A few near misses there! Up through the woods and on to Flamborough Head with memories of me caddying for my Dad at the golf course 35 years ago. Two lighthouses, old and new, then a night in Stan the Van after spotting the only Albatross in the UK at the amazing Bempton Cliffs….what a place that is

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