Furness Peninsula

Ulverston to Kirkby in Furness

Date:9th May 2021
Distance52 Miles
RidersWill, Ruth, Anna, Ollie, Kate, Dan, Mel, Juliet, Jane & Me

Ok so Walney Island isn’t mainland. I KNOW!…but you can walk over to it at low tide, so in my world it counts! Its good being able to make up the rules.

Ulverston is a proper town. Its lived in and worked in and being just outside the Lake District boundary isn’t swamped by tourism. It also has a little canal to take us out the estuary, then though the grounds of the Buddhist Centre and a carry over rocky coastline. A rich and diverse start. Coffee shop closed so we pressed on to Roa Island where we watched murmurations above the King of Piels land. They are currently looking for a new monarch if you fancy applying.

Through Barrow dockyards, giant sheds chemical works juxtaposed against rows of red brick terraced housing. Down to Walney with the lighthouse almost in our grasp only to be thwarted by the RSPB. Apparently the Sparkly Blue Bike would frighten the Willow Warblers. A compromise was struck. The Warblers would be ok so long as I pushed the bike through the reserve.

Back to Barrow and up to Askham. The plan was to head to Foxfeild to link up with the Millom ride. No time so it was up and over Bank House Moor. Its a bugger! Anna and her electrons chatted all the way up, Mel cruised it and the rest of the team got there by pure willpower …and the promise of beer on the other side.

Back to Ulverston and beers in the back of the van, or The Stanley Arms as we like to call it.

Big thanks to Ruth and Anna who both did it as a sponsored ride raising over £1000 for A Bit of a Break.

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