Bempton to Whitby

Date:18th July 2020
Distance61 miles
LighthousesScarborough & Whitby High
RidersJane & Me

Most of the rides are designed as circular routes working with estuaries and peninsulas, or if its a straight coast we use trains to get back to the start, the coastline is remarkably well connected by rail. There are occasions, however, when neither method works. 

Bridlington to Whitby was tricky. Jane and I set off Friday evening parked the car up at the finish and then cycled to Boggle Hole YHA in the dark. The next morning, on icy roads and disused railway lines we cycled to Scarborough. Replenished with bacon butties and coffee on the train we arrived in Bridlington to meet the team, then turned around and cycled back the way we came. 

It was a stunning day, the east coast was truly at its best, Whitby Abbey was a welcome sight in the dusk light….as were the fish and chips at the finish.

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