Essex into Suffolk

Clacton on Sea to Aldeburgh

date: 15th July 2020 distance: 72 miles ascent: 1700ft lighthouses: Naze Tower, Dovercourt High, Dovercort Low, Harwich High, Harwich Low & Orford Ness riders: Jane & Me.

Date:15th July 2020
Distance72 Miles
LighthousesNaze Tower, Dovercourt High, Dovercourt Low, Harwich High, Harwich Low & Orford Ness
RidersJane & Me

Clacton Holiday Inn was comfortable enough, but a beautiful, bright sunny morning got us pedalling early. We made our way up the prom and onto The Naze then around Hampford Water Nature Reserve and into Harwich. A late breakfast was taken on the pier while waiting for the Flexistowe Ferry. Blooming Covid scuppered the next ferry (a rowing boat) across the River Debben, so it was a big detour inland. We finally arrived to meet Jez at Orford and snapped the Orford Ness Lighthouse. This was a close call, the crane was already in place, the beacon of light that shone for 228years became history a week later.

Jez guided us around the Long Reach on the Sailors path to Nicks House overlooking the estuary.

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