Coasts & Castles

Newcastle to Edinburgh

Date:29th June – 1st July 2018
Distance203 Miles
LighthousesNorth Shields HL1, North Shields HL2, North Sheilds LL Tynemouth Whitley Bay Blyth Ambe Seahouses, Bamburgh, Berwick North Pier, St Abbs, Barns Ness, Newhaven, Leith West Breakwater, Leith East Breakwater
RidersSam, Jane, Simon, Jo, Pete, Jonty, Graham & Me

On the 29th June 2018 we sort of highjacked an Environment Agency bike ride organised by Sam up the east coast from Newcastle to Edinburgh. We had been toying with the idea of cycling the coast of mainland Britain for a while. The trip would take us past 15 lighthouses and it seemed like a great start. We had 3 days of amazing weather and great company. The route based on the Coast and Castles cycleway. It starts in Newcastle following the Tyne out to the sea then heading North. Some of the roads from Tynemouth to Blyth are quite busy but then to route just gets better and better. After 74 miles we very pleased to arrive at the Longstone House Hotel just outside Seahouses. We even got to bump into old friends Marcus & Kim down the pub.

Day 2 hugs the Northumberland coast on small roads and tracks. A detour onto Lindisfarne for a cheeky pint was inevitable. A late lunch was taken at the border, Berwick on Tweed after a run of punctures. Then up to St Abbs. We headed in search of the lighthouse. It was somewhat disappointing, until Jane pointed out I was taking photographs of the toilet and that there was a beautiful lighthouse over the hill that might do the job! We rolled in to Dunbar after 83 stunning miles and over 4000ft of climbing

Day 3 was a shorter affair utilising country lanes and a brilliant old railway line. Edinburgh is such a great finish made more so by being caught up in a half marathon. We were met in the old town by Jo’s beaming smile. She had been our support team throughout the ride.

After a bite to eat in St Andrews Square we did a mad dash down to the docks to collect the last 3 lighthouses before catching the train back to Newcastle.

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